World Parkinsons day

Wednesday 11th April - World Parkinson’s Day

This was the biggest day in our Parkinson’s calendar of events!

This event, held at Port Macquarie Library, went very well. Resources on aspects of Parkinson’s Disease, eleven books and a DVD, that had been donated by Westport Club to the Library were officially presented to the Chief Librarian, Jim McGuire. These books and DVD will go towards updating the Parkinson’s resources in the Hastings region.

The event was a marvellous opportunity to generate publicity and awareness about Parkinson’s in our community. Hopefully, it will also encourage other Parkinson’s sufferers in the area to join our Support Group. At the very least it will enable them to be well informed about their Parkinson’s situation.

Display of books about Parkinsons Disease

The library arranged an excellent display of the books and the Parkinson’s NSW and Westport Club banners provided a colourful background to the speakers. The display, complete with banners, will be moved to the library foyer area for the rest of the week where it can best attract attention.

The event was well attended and many of our Port Macquarie Parkinson’s Support Group members wore their Parkinson’s T-shirts making a great sight.

Stuart making welcome speech

Our Support Group President introduced the formalities with a short speech emphasizing the need for a community based Specialist Parkinson’s Neurological Educator Nurse in this area and highlighting the need for adequate standards and training in aged care facilities for Parkinson’s clients.

Federal MP Rob Oakeshott

Federal MP Rob Oakeshott and Terry Sara, a representative of State MP, Mrs. Leslie Williams, spoke briefly to our audience, their talks following on from the points Stuart had raised in his speech.

Anthony Westman from the Westport Club, spoke

Finally, Anthony Westman from the Westport Club, spoke about his family’s experience with Parkinson’s and gave our group several offers of further support from the club. The audience, of approximately 40 people, received all the talks enthusiastically.


Members of our committee talked later with these speakers. Stuart and Jenny had a very productive meeting with Rob Oakeshott who took away with him a specific plan of action to begin the process of obtaining a Specialist Neurological Nurse for our region. Terry Sara committed to arranging for an interview with Leslie Williams. Anthony Westman discussed ways in which the Westport Club could support our group.

Group with donated books

As an ironic finale to formalities, the group of speakers was photographed with a copy of “Dummies Guide to Parkinson’s” held in front of them!

During morning tea a good deal of networking occurred and, following on, about 30 members and friends went for a social lunch to the Westport Club.

List of books and DVD donated by Westport Club to Port Macquarie Hastings Library:

  • Eat Well, Stay Well (2) ;
  • I’ll hold your hand;
  • Your Questions answered, Parkinson’s Disease;
  • When Parkinson’s strikes early;
  • Parkinson’s disease and the family (2);
  • Parkinson’s disease for Dummies;
  • The Parkinson’s disease treatment book;
  • Parkinson’s disease – 300 tips;
  • Living Well with Parkinson’s;
  • Living with Parkinson’s;
  • Parkinson’s disease – The first year;
  • Parkinson’s disease – A complete guide for patients and families;
  • DVD – What’s the future with Parkinson’s? (Awareness Week Seminar 2011)

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