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Port Macquarie Parkinson's Support Group publishes a monthly Newsletter for members and other interested people. From October 2018 we are making the newsletter available for download from this page.

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This page also contains links to a variety of items of general interest relating to Parkinson's Disease, its effects and treatments.

NOTE: No guarantee is made regarding the veracity or accuracy of material provided here. It is made available in order to broaden the discussion at Support Group meetings.

If you find something you think is worth including here, please forward the item or a link to the item to Gregg Faulkner for inclusion here.

  2. Stem cell transplants for Parkinson's disease edging closer
  3. Transplant of stem-cell-derived dopamine neurons shows promise for Parkinson's disease
  4. Physical activity can lower risk for Parkinson's
  5. Expectation of treatment can affect brain function
  6. Computer games are good news
  7. Weight and eating habits with Parkinson's