About Us

About Port Macquarie Parkinson's Support Group

About Our Executive for 2019-20

Our Executive Officers for 2019-20 were elected at our Annual General Meeting in October 2019. 

  • Our re-elected President is Gregg Faulkner
  • Our re-elected Vice-President, Peter Fienieg 
  • Our Treasurer is Allan Rapley
  • Assistant Treasurer is Peter Bagon
  • Our re-elected Secretary is Carol Brazel
  • Assistant Secretary and Newsletter Editor is Sue Faulkner
  • Carer Coordinator is Margaret Healey
  • Committee Member (Hospitality) is Mary McCabe
  • Committee Member (Welfare) is Jenny Wall
  • Committee Member (Resource Librarian) is 

The Executive is charged with maintaining an organisation in excellent state, with a strong membership and active agenda.

Information about our previous Executives is available here


About Our Members

Due to the nature of Parkinson's Disease, affecting as it does mostly the over-50's, our membership unsurprisingly consists primarily of retirement or near-retirement aged Parkinson's people and their carers. We also have a number of younger members who are "young onset" Parkinson's people. New members of all ages are encouraged and our activities are aimed at meeting members needs for knowledge about Parkinson's, practical care demonstration and guide talks, social events and fund raising activities.

This is what our members look like:

Photo of members

This was the attendance at our regular monthly meeting 17 Mar 2017

Our members represent the full gamut of PD stages. Some of our members are recently diagnosed and may display few obvious symptoms while others range through the levels of affliction with a few experiencing significant disability.

Potential members are occasionally dismayed by the prospect of "seeing what the future holds in store" or withdraw into themselves avoiding social contact due to fear of embarassment. That is an understandable reaction. However, a few moments consideration will reveal the irrationality of avoidance and denial which prevents a Parkinson's person from receiving the benefits of mutual group supprt and from contributing to the well-being of fellow Parkinson's people and their carers.

Meeting people who share your condition, and who are dealing positively with its challenges is a very positive experience. Of course, there is so much to learn from these people who have found ways to maximise their quality of life and to minimise the responsibilities and workload of their carers.

Above all, our members display a positive attitude and enthusiasm for enjoying life.

About Membership

Membership of Port Macqarie Parkinson's Support Group is open to all affected by Parkinson's Disease - sufferers, carers, family and friends. A nominal membership subscription of $5 is charged (renewable annually), to help support operational costs of the group.

Members of Parkinson's Support Group Port Macquarie are also encouraged to take up membership of our State body, Parkinson's NSW which provides resources from which all Parkinson's people benefit.

Membership of Parkinson's NSW is free in the first year  and subsequently rises to $15pa. for a pensioner couple and $35 pa for a self funded couple.

About our Meeting Venue

When - we meet on the 3rd Friday of each month, including January. Our meetings run from 10.00am until noon.

Where  - Rotary Hall at Hamilton House
             198 Hastings River Drive
             Port Macquarie

What to bring - yourself, carers and family are welcome.
Members are invited to bring a plate for morning tea

About our Services to Members

Our services include:

  • arranging for monthly meetings programs.Typically, some will have guest speakers covering subjects directly relating to Parkinson's and to other issues which are common to dealing with other partially or severely disabling conditions. Others will have an open forum for members to raise and discuss important current issues such as treament options.
  • provision of a Parkinson's library of books, DVD's and Videos available for loan to members.
  • arranging special local events such as a fun walk and barbeque, fund raising barbeque,
  • contact with Parkinson's NSW Inc for dissemination of information
  • enquiries on behalf of members and potential members