PD Warrior Program

PD Warrior is an exercise program specially designed for people with Parkinson's. The exercises are designed to develop and preserve our physical capabilities and to reduce the chance of falls.

PD Warrior Program is provided in Port Macquarie and Laurieton by Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinics.

Classes are conducted ...

in Port Macquarie, at The Grange complex(why do I think of ZZ-Top?)
9a / 84 Lake Road (next to the Private Hospital)
on Mondays from 10.00am till 11.0 0am

in Laurieton
on Tuesdays from 2.00pm till 3.00pm

The PD Warrior Program is a set of exercises specifically designed to improve and maintain the physical capabilities of people living with Parkinson's.

The exercises are not overly strenuous, but provide a valuable aid in keeping your body functioning and reducing the effects of our favourite disease.

People at all stages of PD are welcome to take part and enjoy the friendly and supportive atmosphere at Sporta and Spinal Physio.

Please note that before starting PD Warrior a physical assessment is required. To discuss the program and book an assessment phone Sports and Spinal on 6584 5379.

Note: Most private health cover will pay for some or all of your PD Warrior program.