February 2012 Meeting

Open Forum with a Chairperson.

Instead of a guest speaker this month, we will conduct a chaired open forum where attendees are invited to raise topics of interest for general discussion.

In preparation for her visit to our March 16th meeting, Evelyn Collins has asked that questions for her to answer at the March meeting be submitted during the February meeting. We can then forward the questions to her, so that she can prepare.

There will be paper and pens to write the questions out or, alternatively, questions from the floor will be written down by Alison.

We urge you all to come along and let us know about any problems and issues you might be having with your current treatment, any side effects or any other concerns you have with your Parkinson’s condition.

If you can’t get to this meeting and you have a question you can call Stuart or Alison on 6559 4370.