Welcome to 2020

2020 is here, and so is our first Support Group Meeting for the year. Our General Meeting will be held on Friday 17th January, 2020 at our usual venue (see Home Page for address).

This year will mark quite a few changes - we hope, improvements - in the way we do things, including our Meetings structure. We are planning to reduce the "Talking Heads" time at the meeting and, instead, find ways for all participants to become more actively involved.

We are very keen to learn more about our members, and share some of our life stories among the Group. Many of us have led very interesting lives and gained skills in a broad range of fields. It is terribly sad to learn of someone's interesting life history at their memorial service.

I, for one, want to get to know my fellow Group members better, and to hear the stories of their adventures. 

See you at Rotary Hall next Friday!