2015 / 16 Group Executive elected

At our recent Support Group AGM we conducted elections for the Group Executive. Several positions were re-elected unopposed and a few additional executive positions were filled. Congratulations to the following people who have been elected to lead the Group through 2016:

President                 -    Gregg Faulkner (reelected)

Vice-President          -    Mike Semo (reelected)

Secretary                 -    Mary McCabe (reelected)

Asst Secretary          -    Val Kark (reelected)

Treasurer                 -    Peter Fienieg (reelected)

Asst Treasurer          -    Margaret Couzens (reelected)

Publicity Officer        -    Sue Faulkner (reelected)

Hospitality Officer     -    Jean Crook

Welfare Officer         -    tba

Resource Librarian    -    Saima King

Asst Res Librarian     -    Mick Penney

Committee Member  -    tba


Two positions remain to be filled and anyone interested in helping the group through these roles is invited to nominate at any time.

A problem we have, in common with many similar social organisations, is dependence upon a small, static management group. As current President, Gregg strongly encourages regular rotation of roles for the future health of the group.