February Meeting - Friday 20th Feb

We have an interesting guest speaker scheduled for our February meeting. The General Manager of Hastings - MacLeay Community Transport will be telling us all about the community transport services available in this region.

Come along and learn about this great service and discover how useful it could prove for you, or fo someone you know.

Our February meeting will commence, as usual, at 10.00am on Friday 20th Feb at Rotary Hall.

If you can, please bring along a plate of snacks to share with everyone as we enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

Hope you can join us!

Please remember that our meetings are open to anyone who has an interest in Parkinson's Disease, as well as to people living with PD, their family and carers. We also welcome people living with any of the other neuro-muscular disorders who may like to attend.

We are non-sexist, non-racist, non-religious and apolitical. You are welcome regardless of your gender, skin colour, religion (or lack of) or your political leanings.