Online Threats and Spam

The following items are examples of threats I have received recently by email. They are all scams, trying to extort money from me. 

I treat them the way I recommend that you should treat them - straight into the Trash Bin.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER obey these threatening notes, and NEVER reply to them. All that does is to confrm that your addres is correct. Just trash them and move on.

For your amusement:



Look at the sender adress of this email ( From: ).


I sent this email from your account, I got full access to it and also your computer, even your webcam and microphone.

Few months ago you got automaticly infected with my malware, RAT ( Remote Administration Tool ), because your browser wasn't patched to that time when visited some website where my iframe was placed wich redirected to my exploitpack (drive-by-exploit) in the background.


Since then I collected all your private stuff, I even made some videos from you over your webcam and I think we both know, that if everyone else would see all that, your life would be simply hell!


I got absolutly all your contacts, your account on social network and so on...


To publish all I got from you would take me 5 minutes!


You know exactly about the very bad stuff and everything else you got on your computer!!!


I give you the chance to stop me from doing this!


Send me exactly 900$ in bitcoin ( BTC ).

If you don't know how and where to buy the bitcoins, Google "Where to buy bitcoins?", it's very simple task.

Your wallet can be created here:


My bitcoin adress is: 1Fjg3Q89MawTyfNcMbX6MUnfT923icRuMy


After that I will remove everything and we forget about everything - I promise!


I give you 3 days to get the bitcoins and pay me.


That all isn't a joke, like I wrote above, look at the sender adress of this email, it is your email and I sent it from your email account, because I got access to everything from you!


And another one...


I am Mr. Raymond Wood , a representative of  Exxon Mobil in London (  Exxon Mobil is one of the  World Largest Fund Management Company with over 1.2 Trillion pounds Capital contract Investment.


As a senior  representative of Exxon that handle contract related matters, I over invoiced a contract which is not known by anybody and, I need your full cooperation and partnership to re-profile funds amounting to US$12.2M to your name as the contractor that executed this contract in Asia.


The fund will be paid to you through a Finance Company where it is presently deposited as soon as the filing and documentation process is concluded in your name because the contract was executed by Exxon Mobil United Kingdom in Asia.Most importantly, you will be required to:


(1). Stand as the beneficiary / contractor with Exxon Mobil to receive the funds as I will present you before the firm with legal documents.


(2). Receive the funds into a business/personal bank account in your country.


(3). At the completion of this transaction, the sharing rates shall be 60% for me, 40% for you.


1. Your Full Name:

2. Your Full Address:

3. Your Account Name:

4. Your Bank Name:

5. Your Bank Address:

6. Your Account Number:

7. Your Direct/Cell Telephone Number:

8. Your Current Occupation:

9. A Copy of Your Picture or ID:

10.Your Current Email Address:


Note: Do not contact my office number or company email for security reasons. Get back to me as soon as possible for more details about the funds.


Best Regards.


Mr Raymond Wood



Yeah, right Mr Wood. You sound like an honest man... NOT!