July 2020 Update

C'est Bastille Day! Bonjour!

Unfortunately, not a lot has changed during the past month, at least as far as this Group is concerned. Just when we thought that the Australian COVID-19 situation appeared to be under some sort of control, Melbourne happened!

Now, hot spots have appeared in Sydney's western suburbs.

With the large number of southerners holidaying in this region at present, the risk of contagion in Greater Port Macquarie is increased. As a consequence, I shall be recommending to our Leadership Team that we continue to defer our Group activities indefinitely.

I recognise that many of our valued members are very keen to renew contact with the Group. Unfortunately, as most of our members come under the category of "vulnerable to infection" we simply cannot take chances with their welfare.

In the meantime, our Newsletter will continue and I invite you to submit any items - a story, (publishable) jokes, photos, etc - for inclusion in the newsletter. Email your items to  gregg@greggf.com 

I hope to have better news for you next month. Be safe and phone a friend!

Gregg Faulkner (President)