Calling all Carers!

Carers are our favourite people! Carers are people who devote huge amounts of their lives supporting and helping people living with PD. Sadly, all too often the carer's efforts are not recognised and their contributions are too often undervalued.

Margaret Healey is determined to ensure that Carers are not only recognised, but that they are identified, highlighted and rewarded (in appropriate ways) for their invaluable efforts.

Too often, the efforts of carers are taken for granted. Unfortunately, we Parko's can be a stroppy bunch and in the midst of discomfort and frequent pain, we sometimes lash out verbally at the people closest to us. This is usually our carers

The tragic part of this behaviour is that we are hurting the people who are doing their utmost to take care of us. We don't mean it, and certainly we can put some blame on our situation and medications, but it is really important to care for our carers.

Margaret Healey, our recently elected Carers Coordinator will be announcing an exciting program of activities for carers. Stay tuned!