We offer the following advice to our treasured members. This advice should be read IN ADDITION TO advice from authoritive sources such as:

Parkinson's NSW website

NSW Department of Health website

Australian Department of Health website


The most important rules to protect yourself and your community at this uncertain time are:

Maintain physical separation from other people

Wash, wash, wash  - keep your hands clean.

Don't handle things that other people have handled  (the virus can live for many hours on surfaces)

Stay inside your own property  (but get some sun exposure each day)

DON'T TRUST PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW.  (Sadly some low-lives will prey on vulnerable people by claiming to help you with anything from your phone line or computer to cleaning the virus from your home.) DON'T ALLOW THEM INTO YOUR HOME.

Stay hydrated. (Drink lots of water, even if you don't feel thirsty. It helps to flush any bugs from your body)

Stay in touch. (Use phone, email or Facebook to stay in touch with your friends and family, BUT, BE CAREFUL. Do not put online information like "I am at home alone". This is an invitation to thieves and other low-life.)

Keep your brain and body busy. (Use puzzles, problem solving and physical exercises to keep yourself active.)

Stay strong! You are living with Parkinson's, what's another little virus? (Little joke there!)

REMEMBER. Physical separation is different to social isolation

It is VERY IMPORTANT to stay in touch with people, by phone, email, social media or Skype, Facetime, etc. Try to make a regular time to "meet" your friends and share experiences.


ASK FOR HELP if you need it. (Even if you are just frightened and need someone to talk with. Don't be afraid to ask. You are welcome to call other Group members or Executive members. Contact details for Committee members can be found below:

Members Welfare Officer - Carol - 0412 186 218

Secretary - Tony - 0437 818 675

Carer Support Officer - Margaret - 0416 328 873